Lightning Stripe Revival in
New York's Finger Lakes Region
Operating approximately 150 miles of track in 6 different counties, the Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK) has, since its inception in 1995, become a favorite with shippers, railfans, and railmodelers alike. Its customers appreciate the personal service provided by the shortline's staff, based in Geneva and Solvay. Railfan's and modelers are drawn to the New York Central-inspired paint scheme of the FGLK's locomotives and the scenery provided by the farmland, small towns, and lakeshores of the Finger Lakes Region. I hope you enjoy your visit to this website.

Geneva's Downtown Railway Station Project
Read a summary and see architects' drawings

Just a reminder that this is an unofficial website and that the webmaster and host is neither an employee nor a representative of the Finger Lakes Railway. Please direct employment inquiries and other official business to their office at 400 Border City Rd., just east of the Geneva city limits.