GP9s 1701, 1702, & 1703

Low-nose units. All wear the lightning stripe paint scheme. 1701 carries an external air filter behind the cab on the left. All served on Farmrail, whose parent company Farmrail System, Inc. is a partner in the Finger Lakes Railway. 1701, 1702, & 1703 have served on the Finger Lakes Railway since the beginning of operations in July 1995.

1701-Constructed 2/59 for SSW, serial #25018. Original Road #828. Overhauled by SSW, chopped nose and renumbered 3649 in June of 1975. Later renumbered 3871 when SP reclassified it as a switcher. It then served on Farmrail with that same number, as well the name "Cheyenne". Rated for 1860 hp. 1701 was outshopped by Grainbelt in February 1995. In this photo of its front truck you may be able to see the plate affixed at that time between the arms of the hanging bracket on the left.

1702-Constructed 3/59 for Milwaukee Road serial #25281. Original Road #286. It then served on Farmrail with that same number, as well as the name "Choctaw". Rated for 1750 hp.

1703-Constructed 1/59 for Milwaukee Road serial # 25326. Original Road #331. It then served on Farmrail with that same number, as well as the name "Caddo" and sublettered GNBC for Grainbelt. Rated for 1750 hp.

  • Click here for a black & white picture of 1703 as a high-nose MILW unit running on the point of what looks to be a substantial coal train. 

Thanks to Brendan Kelly for his help

GP9 1751

High-nose unit purchased from Buffalo & Pittsburgh in August 1998 at the end of lease service as #207. In August 1999, it was repainted from B&P colors into the FGLK lightning stripes and renumbered to 1751.

GP10 1801

Low-nose unit wearing red, grey & royal blue Mountain Laurel paint scheme. Rebuilt at Paducah shops, 1801 has a saddle style air filter behind the cab, typical of Paducah rebuilds for the Mountain Laurel. Perhaps the most-traveled of FGLK's motive power. 1801 was built for B&O in 1955 as #6467, sold to Illinois Central Gulf as 8332, then Illinois Central 8332. Renumbered #15 by Mountain Laurel when G&W bought out ML. Renumbered by FGLK in 1997.

B23-7s 1989, 2004, & 2301

Built for Conrail in 1979, these units were purchased in June 1999, at the close of their original lease from NRE Co. Rated for 2300 horsepower each, they represent the first General Electric power in regular operation by the Finger Lakes Railway and have been received favorably by FGLK crews.2301 was originally numbered 1979 and repainted in the spring of 2002 when it was renumbered to 2301